Plastech Intuhood19

Plastech IntuHood 19
a newly designed Intubation Shield that saves PPE
reducing the spread of Viral Aerosols and Droplets

  1. VISIBILITY - Distortion-free view with no hinges, corners, or sharp edges on the physician's side.

  2. ACCESSIBILITY - The roomy dimensions (22” W x 22” H x 22” L) allow 6 XL comfortably rounded arm ports, each with snap-on collar for easy seal attachment of PPE sleeves. The overall size permits full range of motion for doctors and assistants.

  3. CONTAINMENT - By adding a simple film drape held by built-in rolled spring lip at the edge of the hood and tucked around the patient.

  4. NEGATIVE PRESSURE - May be introduced via a 1.5cm port on the lower right side of the hood.

  5. PORTABILITY AND STORAGE - Light weight, 5 lbs fully assembled.

  6. CLEAN ABILITY - Snap-together design allows thorough cleaning using mild soap and water or it may simply be wiped down with Isopropyl Alcohol. Anything safe on a person is safe on the hood.

  7. RECYCLE ABILITY - Made of eco-friendly PETg, an FDA and USDA approved polymer for use in medical devices.
    PETg can withstand ethylene oxide, electron beam, and gamma ray sterilization. 100% recyclable, less brittle and more pliable than other clear materials including acrylic.

^^ Key Feature - Curved Lens - no hard edge ^^

Patent Pending