Plastech Isolator ComfortHood

Snap on protective sleeve collars

Plastech Isolator Comfort Hood

Includes all the features of our Intuhood,
plus allows isolation of recovering patients in the ICU or field hospital
multi-bed scenarios and nursing home visitation.

  1. ELEVATED PATIENT COMFORT - The comfort hood includes a simple bungee strap and built-in bed attachment slot that secures the hood to the mattress sub-frame allowing variations in upright position without concern for the hood sliding down or security of the isolation drape.

  2. CLEAR VIEW - A distortion-free view for the patient, care provider, family, any visitors, or clergy. Isolator allows patients to see their grandchildren's cards, TV, or Outside.

  3. ACCESSIBILITY - Design for maximum width on ICU and standard hospital beds (30” W x 22” H x 22” L) Includes 6 XL comfortably rounded arm ports, each with snap-on collar for easy seal attachment of PPE sleeves, allows feeding, grooming, and hand- holding while maintaining safe separation.

  4. CONTAINMENT - By adding a simple film drape held by built-in rolled spring lip at the edge of the hood and tucked around the patient.

  5. NEGATIVE PRESSURE - May be introduced via a 1.5 cm port on the lower right side of the hood.

  6. PORTABILITY AND STORAGE - Light weight, 6 lbs fully assembled.

  7. CLEANABILITY - Snap together design allows thorough cleaning using mild soap and water or simply wiped down with isopropyl alcohol. Anything Human safe is safe on the hood.

  8. RECYCLABILITY - Made of eco-friendly PETg, an FDA and USDA approved polymer for use in medical devices. It can withstand ethylene oxide, electron beam, and gamma ray sterilization.
    100% recyclable, PETg is less brittle and more pliable than other clear materials including acrylic.

Personal Care
A touch can mean a lot
Securing Containment drape
PPE protection for Care Provider


Containment Drape and Unique Bed Attachment stays on while elevated
Patient has Clearview